3D product customization for Shopify e-commerce

Build a future-proof online store with leading 3D technologies. Bring your brand closer to your customers by empowering an immersive online shopping experience.


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Visual Product Customizer

Remockup allows customers to personalize products with unlimited customization options.

The interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for customers to add text, images, and design elements to their products

Customers can create unique items that reflect their personality and style in real-time.

Remockup provides print-ready files, automates processes, and makes it easy to go-to-print.

“Easily customize the models and create realistic 3D mockups with the perfect app that caters to my specific needs.”


Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager

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3D Product Configurator

Customers can build made-to-order products with components, materials, and details of their choice.

Products are unique and customized to reflect customers' unique style.

No custom coding or 3D skills are needed.

Easy to use for both customers and businesses.

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The perfect solution for businesses that want to create high-quality mockups quickly and easily.

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With our app's specifically-to-follow tutorials, even a complete beginner can create stunning 3D models in just minutes.

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“The ability to create captivating 3D product visualizations is crucial for any e-commerce business. It helps me generate more sales.”

Judith Black

“I've saved so much time and money. It's so easy to use, and the results are always stunning.”

Leonard Krasner